RAIDA - Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents. 

The RAIDA is a global counterfeit detection system that is indestructible and cannot be tampered with or hacked. Nuclear bombs, neither comet strikes, world wars, dictatorships nor government hackers can bring down the RAIDA. Quantum safe, self-healing, simple, fast and reliable, the RAIDA can detect the authenticity of a CloudCoin within milliseconds.

The RAIDA protocol is an extremely light protocol and only requires milliseconds to execute and sends and receives just a few hundred bytes of data. Clients send authenticity requests in parallel to 25 RAIDA clouds. Thanks to the speed of light, it only takes milliseconds for signals to travel to the other-side of the planet and back. Each RAIDA cloud responds with either "pass" or "fail". The RAIDA protocol requires no sessions or cookies. 

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