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Thank you for choosing CloudCoin™, You have been a continuous support to this project and in recent times with lot of software releases happening, many of us are bit confused about which software to use and which version to use etc. There were lot of queries around this recently and thought a single email like this would be a good help with all information in one place.

In traditional monetary systems, the people who "have" the money own it. With CloudCoins, the people that "know" the money own it. CloudCoin™ uses a new technology called RAIDA™ that does what Bitcoin's Blockchain does, only much better. And you are one of the first people in history to use it!

In order to own these coins you must pown them or (password-own) too change all the internal authenticity numbers. This requires software to contact the RAIDA™ and change them.This software can be downloaded from the links below.Please keep in mind that the software is provided as-is with all faults, defects, and errors, and without warranty of any kind.

Free from the CloudCoin™ Global Consortium. If you accidentally destroy or lose your CloudCoins, they can be recovered in Five (5) years. Input the serial numbers and the month and year lost into a Lost Coin report. You need to reauthenticate pown (password-own) your CloudCoins once every four (4) years so the RAIDA™ administrators do not think they have been abandoned.

CloudCoin™ Software and Instructional resources.

In order to own your coins, you must pown (password-own) them to change all the authenticity numbers.
This requires software to contact the RAIDA™ and change them. This software can be downloaded from the links below.
 Windows Downloads


A new Android app is being tested and will be publicly available soon.


For MacOS 10.15 and higher, you will need the .Jar version.


Apple does not allow our application to be on their phone. Therefore this web page is the best we can do:


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