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CloudCoin Wallet officially released - CloudCoins POWNING instructions

How to take ownership of CloudCoins purchased and authenticate it? -> http://www.cloudcoinconsortium.com/use.html

   The new software can be downloaded here, along with links to a handbook and video tutorial.

A fun "learn and earn" program has been launched to reward users for downloading the software, learning about its functionality and providing feedback. There are additional opportunities to earn CloudCoins by sharing your experiences with friends and through social media.

The most exciting feature of the new CloudCoin Wallet client software is the addition of innovative SkyWallets, the first non-cryptographic ledger system with data supremacy.

Skywallets offer users important functionality:

  1. CloudCoins can now be sent from person-to-person without needing email or other file transfer systems. These transfers will take less than two seconds.
  2. Both senders and receivers will know the coins being sent are valid, creating trusted trades.
  3. Skywallet allows for easily an remembered address, like "Maria.CloudCoin.global," which is much less complicated than a Bitcoin address, like "1PMycacnJaSqwwJqjawXBErnLsZ7RkXUAs."
  4. The change-making system is now fully automated. This is something unique to CloudCoin because only CloudCoin is discrete and has denominations. CloudCoin has now proven that digital currencies can have denominations and are more efficient because of it.
  5. Skywallets make it much easier to create liquidity applications, including those for exchanges, stores, merchant websites, tokenization and video games.


Please follow the below instructions strictly, Any deviation from the below instructions will void you eligibility to get a replacement or refund for the bad cloud coins received from my end

Terms & Conditions 
(You are ageering to the below terms & conditions before proceeding to make any purchases through this website)

For the RAIDA authentication, stack files will be sent to each buyer on email and the format will be as below.
Stack file Format
<numberoffiles> will be denomination in the stack file in multiples of 250's or 100's or 1's
<order#> Unique transaction/order number for your stack file purchase for RAIDA authentication [e.g. R123456789]
<emailid> This will be your email id used while checkout process and this is the email id to which stack file will be sent to. (Some people use a different email in their PayPal account)

Refund process
  • In case there is any issue with the stack file sent to you, first step would be to send the proof screenshot of the application used for RAIDA authentication which should display the serial numbers in the stack files as counterfeit.
  • The issue should be reported within 3 days of purchase of the stack file.
  • In case, there is any doubt in the process of importing stack file for RAIDA authentication,First step is to understand if you had followed the email instructions strictly.Secondly, getting into a Skype call or a Google hangout call and do a screenshare to understand the issue being faced. If the issue was genuine the refund will be initiated or a new stack  file will be given to you (Choice will be based on mutual agreement) 
  • You have to send back the resulting stack file(s) that was created after your powning/authentication attempt without fail to claim a replacement or refund, you can find them in your default download location or the client softwares folders. (While demanding a replacement or refund, please do not send me back the stack file sent by me, which gets invalid after your first powning/authentication attempt)
  • If there was no issue, but after importing the stack file successfully within 3 days of purchase, if the refund request is raised, the refund request will be escalated to Paypal review for fraudulent reporting attempt.
  • In any scenario, if there is a refund request made after 3 days of purchase date, refund will not be entertained and all communications will be in English language only.
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